A Leetle Aggravated.

So I”m sitting in the library right now, looking like a huge mess, TRYING TO GET INTO A STUPID ENGLISH CLASSROOM. They are literally all taken…I don’t understand what I have to do to get one around here…this is ridiculous.

All I want is a room with a whiteboard, so I can just study my little heart out for this stupid French exam. It’s a huuge huge problem right now. I’m about to storm the history wing, but I doubt those will be empty either.

Anyway…Today I’m wearing my “exam clothes” aka a t-shirt from some school function and Juicy Couture jean shorts. They are probably the most comfortable shorts in the world.

I can really recommend them. Oh…I’m also wearing rainbow flip flops…a must for boarding school. They’re theee best.

Last night I went searching around on other blogs for things that I want to put up here…pictures of cute new things, designs I’m inspired by…but then I fell asleep and completely forgot which direction I wanted to go in today…grreat.

So, I’ll leave you guys with this for now: there are currently 7 people who have viewed this blog (4 are from StumbleUpon), if someone could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave me a comment to let me know that I’m not all alone in blogland, that would be amazing. I would love you for forever.




2 responses to “A Leetle Aggravated.

  1. It’s ShiningScarf, here to save the day! Just wanted to let you know that you are truly not alone in blog land =D

    I have an embarrassing question to ask you now. What *exactly* is prep school?

    • Ahh! thank you, thank you!

      And do not worry…it is no big deal. A prep school is usually like, to prepare you for college. In my case, it is a boarding school..much like the stereotypical New England boarding schools. You can urbandictionary it if you’d like…haha I’m afraid I’m not the best at explaining.

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