French Exam and Crush(es) of the Day

YAYAYAYAYY! I’m finished with my French exam! It was WAY easier than I thought it would be. I’m so unbelievably happy….phew.

However, now I have to write (and do research for) my history paper…annnd I’m suddenly less excited….

Oh well! I’ll get over it.

Alsoooo…here are my crushes of the day…enjoy!

J.Crew Sunglasses $395

I think these sunglasses are ADORABLE. Paired with an all-white tunic and gladiator sandals over a cute bikini and you are SO ready for the beach. I’ll keep my eye on these…

Cynthia Rowley Resin Bow $12

I LOVE THIS BOW! It’s perfect for holding your hair back while studying for exams, or for looking extra cute at a party. Absolutely adorable. I want to snatch them up in all three colors (pink, blue, and green)

Trish McEvoy glycolic face wash $19

I use the regular Trish McEvoy face wash in the winter/spring/fall, and this AMAZING glycolic wash in the summer. It helps so much, and it really gets rid of makeup! YAY!

Ok…If I see anything else awe-inspiring, I’ll definintely let you guys know..but for now I’m off to explore the fascinating lives of first ladies!



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