This history paper is going to be the death of me…How am I supposed to write anything, when I’m too excited about my new blog?! hmm?!

I’m checking out the blogging/fashion scene right now to see if there’s anything I want to share with you guys…but other than that nothing exciting is going on. It’s day two of exam clothes…Today I’m wearing navy blue J.Crew shorts and a t-shirt from Maine.

Oh, I really want this Hermes bracelet $445. I can’t get the picture for you guys, but I think it’s BEAUTIFUL! I collect these bracelets…love them so much. I think gray is going to be a really big color for me this summer, I think it’s understated and girly and I can’t waiit to wear it.

I will tell you guys a little secret about me today….I want an iPad. Really badly. Not just like, the stupid iPad, but the 3G iPad. AHH! It’s perfect for me: you can take it with you on vacation and read books, you can email with it, you can download and read scripts on it, AND you can play games and watch movies in full screen. Unreal.

J.Crew Bathing Suit Top $60 Bottoms $54

I think this bathing suit is super super cute.

Ok…enough procrastinating (for now)

I’m going to do my history paper!!!!!



7 responses to “AHH HISTORYYYY

  1. oh wow you aren’t out of school yet? i goto a private school in the city but we’ve been out forever. that has to suck

  2. Boo! =)

    I’m in school too. Yuck. In fact, I’m in the middle of exams. Which totally explains why I chose this moment to start a blog.

    You live near a lake =O?

    • That is EXACTLY why I started a blog as well…hahaha

      And my school is right on a lake…it’s so pretty outside right now and I’m stuck inside this stupid english wing, writing a history paper that only one person is ever going to read…poo!

      Hope all goes well with your finals!

  3. Thanks, and same to you. Here’s to an awesome history paper =P!

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