I am officially almost finished with my history paper.  I am also an expert on Mary Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and (oddly enough) Jane Pierce! If anyone has any questions at all…hit me up.

The hardest part of my exam period is now OVER!!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I am. SUMMERSUMMERSUMMERSUMMERSUMMER!

fjkdlasjfak;sf YAYAYAYYYY! haha I’m so happy!

Ok..juuust because I’m in such a good mood…I’ll share my most recent favorite song! YAY

Uncle Kracker – Hot Mess

I chose this video because 1. The girl dancing is HILARIOUS and 2. I love the song…and this was the best version on youtube. LOVE IT.

Aidan Mattox $330

I also think this dress is so so so fun! I want somewhere to wear it…HMM! haha

Ok…so what are you guys up to this Memorial Day night?


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