A Short Shorts Post!

Hey guys! So I’m working on my science project right now (I know..straight from history to science) but I really wanted to post something up here..so I decided to do a short post about shorts! Here’s what I’m looking for, for this summer season.

Elizabeth & James $225

SUPER cute! Love these shorts…

Marc Jacobs $995

These can be dressed up in the most adorable of ways. I’m droooooling over them

Tory Burch $135

Love the pattern…and it looks like they’re a great length!

Ok…I’m going to get back to my science project..but ENJOY THE SHORTS!

(and dont forget to comment!)



5 responses to “A Short Shorts Post!

  1. i love the marc jacobs shorts.

  2. Marc Jacobs skirt= divine incarnate ❤

    All the prettiness of a skirt and all the practicality of shirts.

    But the price-tag. Eeek.
    [Eternally broke student here]

  3. *practicality of shorts! =P

  4. laundryonsundaes

    Love them all! Great picks 🙂

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