Ok…it’s 2:23 am and I am ABSOLUTELY, FINALLY finished with this stupid history paper.  I have been working since 9 this morning on this stupid thing (with frequent breaks to check out this blog…which I would LOVE more comments on) and now I am finally finished.

Or at least I’m finally giving up. Ha. Ok…I really think I should go to bed

But first…I’ll show you guys some of my favorite bedtime things =]

A phone…bad I know…but I talk to my boyfriend every night before bed =] Yay! This phone is super cute too..I love having it in my dorm room.

I don’t know where to find this black Chanel eyemask, but I WANT ONE! If anyone knows, hit me up! (Seriously…) Or if anyone knows of any other really cute sleep masks…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I’m in search of a good one.

Harney & Sons Midsummer’s Peach Decaf Tea $5.95

YUM! I love having decaf tea before bed…I put it in my Lilly Pulitzer travel mug (as previously shown) annd drink up! nomnomnom.

Ok…I’m seriously sleep deprived haha NIGHT GUYS!



2 responses to “FINALLY

  1. looks like you are a Chanel fan as well eh? 😀

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