Ok you guys, this is my biggest apology EVER. I am so so so so so so so sorry that I haven’t been around in WEEKS! I have  been absurdly busy with AP’s, SAT II’s, college visits, and readjusting to life back home (in the heat).  I have also been redecorating my room (something I will show you guys a picture of after I finish..).

In other words, I have been too busy to even go online and blog.  I know, sad. However, I did purchase some cuuute shoes!

Steve Madden $89

Mine are a different color though…SUPER cute! I love themmm…they’re sososo comfy. I really recommend them.

So, while this is going to be a short post (and that will be my only picture), I want you guys to know that I absolutely adore you, and thank you for still visiting the blog, even though I wasn’t here.

Now, I’m absolutely exhausted, so I’m going to crash, but I PROMISE I will be back in the blogging world very, very soon.



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