Things I’m Coveting…For Florida!…every year I go to Florida with my mom. We meet a bunch of her friends and their kids there, and it’s basically a loooot of fun. We basically take over this resort and just chill for a few days…it’s always amazing. However, this year I want to be the most amazing looking one there. (Ha) So, I’m going to show you guys a few things I want before I make the trip down!

Valley Girl Shirt $64

This shirt from Wildfox Couture is not only cute, but funny! I personally LOVE wearing comfy, loose shirts like this in the summer (especially if they’re cropped!) I think this would be adorable for throwing over a swimsuit and walking over to the beach or to the pool. Like, duh!

Also guys…keep Wildfox on your radar. They have a super cute fall collection coming up. Their collections are the perfect mix of Cali comfort and “that cool edgy girl” style. I like it a lot. Plus, everything is SO comfortable.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Tote $98

This tote, while it might be a little scary looking, is just silly enough for the beach. It’s not something I would carry around seriously, but I would definitely throw this on my shoulder to hit up my own little sandy paradise.

Chanel Nail Polish $23

The color is called Blue Satin…and I’m in love with it. With everyone else wearing bright pinks, oranges, yellows, turquoises(?) or whatever, I want to be wearing a dark color. This. Color. Now…if only I could make my nails grow long enough..I really do need to stop biting them. Can anyone help me with that?

Until next time!



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