Packing? Nahh…

Ok…well first of all, I have some news. Remember those Cynthia Rowley resin bow clips that I really really wanted? I got two of them. I wear them allllll the time, and I LOVE them. I’m so so so so so so glad that I got them. YAYAAYYY! I got one in pink and one in blue…tehehehehehe love it.

And…I guess while I’m on my Cynthia Rowley fix…I’ll show you guys some of my favorites from her Cynthia Rowley for Roxy Collection!

Cynthia Rowley Neoprene Ballet Flats $79

Ok…These are probably the cutest flats I’ve seen in a while. I mean, neoprene ballet flats?! I’ve never even thought of that…and the colors are super super cute. Love, love, love them.

Cynthia Rowley Neo-Preen Bikini $135

Ok…a neoprene bathing suit…I can handle that. But this is super super super cute! I love the bright colors, and I think it’s just really really fun. It would, however, probably be overkill to wear this with the flats….oh well…a girl can dream. Hehe

Moving on from Cynthia Rowley…for now…I’m just going to rave about some other products I love right now. Aka….it’s time for things this prep school girl can’t live without!!!

Blistex Lip Medex $2.29 at CVS

Ok..Now, this may be way way way old school, but I put this on every night before I go to bed, and I am absolutely in love. I wake up in the morning and my lips feel refreshed! It’s a really really nice feeling.

Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Butter $49

I am addicted to this. I keep a mini tube with me at all times…it makes my hands feel amazinggg…and my legs right after I shave…ahh. It’s just so nice. And the smell, while it is a little lemony, is refreshing and clean smelling. I love it.

Well guys, that’s all for now! Don’t forget to comment, etc. I’ll be leaving for Florida tomorrow morning, and I won’t be back until Tuesday, but I might drop you guys a goodbye post later today!



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  1. ermm..girly thing..:)

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