Yummy Fall Candy!

Most girls get excited about chocolate…or twizzlers…or pretzel m&ms…but the candy I get the most excited about is jewelry. To me, entering into a jewelry store is like going to a Willy Wonka factory! There are just so many colors, shapes, sizes. There’s a little something for everyone, and unlike candy, you don’t feel like you weigh 754849307540 pounds after you indulge in a little bit! Here are a few of my favorites for the fall.

Noir Jewelry Galaxy Bracelet $250

I think this bracelet is just toooo much fun. I want one really badly, when I feel the need to spice up my boring school day with a big, fun bracelet!

Oscar de la Renta Crystal and Pearl Ring $295

This ring is to die for! I love statement rings, so I will always, always, always claim that they’re in. This one is particularly yummy, but I also love all things Oscar de la Renta….

By Boe Knotted Leather Ring $17.50

I loveeee this! Gahhh! It just makes me soo happy, it’s a fun color, but it’s edgy with the leather. Love it.

Ok…that’s all for now! I’m going out with a girl that goes to my school…she’s two years younger than me. I’ll update you guys later!



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