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Tomorrow is the BIG day. The Common App comes out online…which means I can officially start filling out my actual college applications….which means that I am officially applying to college! AHHH! I’m excited and terrified. Whatever I write on this application, and the supplements that come with it, will be what determines my college experience!

I don’t know what to do, I’m waiting and excited.

In other boarding school news, I received an email from one of my mother’s friends today, and she has requested that I give her friends a tour when they come to visit the school. Said tour is in OCTOBER. This is how early people plan for these types of things…bah



Yummy Fall Candy!

Most girls get excited about chocolate…or twizzlers…or pretzel m&ms…but the candy I get the most excited about is jewelry. To me, entering into a jewelry store is like going to a Willy Wonka factory! There are just so many colors, shapes, sizes. There’s a little something for everyone, and unlike candy, you don’t feel like you weigh 754849307540 pounds after you indulge in a little bit! Here are a few of my favorites for the fall.

Noir Jewelry Galaxy Bracelet $250

I think this bracelet is just toooo much fun. I want one really badly, when I feel the need to spice up my boring school day with a big, fun bracelet!

Oscar de la Renta Crystal and Pearl Ring $295

This ring is to die for! I love statement rings, so I will always, always, always claim that they’re in. This one is particularly yummy, but I also love all things Oscar de la Renta….

By Boe Knotted Leather Ring $17.50

I loveeee this! Gahhh! It just makes me soo happy, it’s a fun color, but it’s edgy with the leather. Love it.

Ok…that’s all for now! I’m going out with a girl that goes to my school…she’s two years younger than me. I’ll update you guys later!


Things I’m Coveting…For Florida!

Ok..so…every year I go to Florida with my mom. We meet a bunch of her friends and their kids there, and it’s basically a loooot of fun. We basically take over this resort and just chill for a few days…it’s always amazing. However, this year I want to be the most amazing looking one there. (Ha) So, I’m going to show you guys a few things I want before I make the trip down!

Valley Girl Shirt $64

This shirt from Wildfox Couture is not only cute, but funny! I personally LOVE wearing comfy, loose shirts like this in the summer (especially if they’re cropped!) I think this would be adorable for throwing over a swimsuit and walking over to the beach or to the pool. Like, duh!

Also guys…keep Wildfox on your radar. They have a super cute fall collection coming up. Their collections are the perfect mix of Cali comfort and “that cool edgy girl” style. I like it a lot. Plus, everything is SO comfortable.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Tote $98

This tote, while it might be a little scary looking, is just silly enough for the beach. It’s not something I would carry around seriously, but I would definitely throw this on my shoulder to hit up my own little sandy paradise.

Chanel Nail Polish $23

The color is called Blue Satin…and I’m in love with it. With everyone else wearing bright pinks, oranges, yellows, turquoises(?) or whatever, I want to be wearing a dark color. This. Color. Now…if only I could make my nails grow long enough..I really do need to stop biting them. Can anyone help me with that?

Until next time!


Dinner (YUM)

Ok, so I quit studying earlier (typical) and I went to a friend’s house for dinner. There were about 13 of us there, plus my friend’s family…YIKES!

Well, we first got there and we immediately ran to the lake, stripped our clothes off, until we were only wearing underwear and bras, and jumped in. None of the boys joined us, poo. They’re so boring.

We got out and dried off, then had a delicious dinner (Mexican food, yum!)

We got back to school after a terrifying ride with her brother and I returned to my complete mess of a room. I would post a picture, but I’m way way way too embarrassed.

OH..My Ray-Bans (a boarding school essential) broke today…I was really upset. I’m going to get them fixed the moment I get home.

Oh well…we got our senior wayfarers today (plastic of course). Whatever, they’re “all the rage” at my school right now.

Well, my internet goes out in about 30 minutes, so I’m going to use that time to talk to my boyfraand. I’ll update you guys TOMORROW!