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New Nails!

Hey guys! I got a manicure today in preparation for schooooool…I’m heading up to New York on SUNDAYYYY bah! I love it when I go to New York before school…

Anywayyyy the new nail color is AMAZING!

You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI

I’m in love love love. It’s also helping me to stop biting my nails…I’ve made lots of progress! I’m just so excited.

What are you guys wearing on your nails this fall?


Things I’m Coveting…For Florida!

Ok..so…every year I go to Florida with my mom. We meet a bunch of her friends and their kids there, and it’s basically a loooot of fun. We basically take over this resort and just chill for a few days…it’s always amazing. However, this year I want to be the most amazing looking one there. (Ha) So, I’m going to show you guys a few things I want before I make the trip down!

Valley Girl Shirt $64

This shirt from Wildfox Couture is not only cute, but funny! I personally LOVE wearing comfy, loose shirts like this in the summer (especially if they’re cropped!) I think this would be adorable for throwing over a swimsuit and walking over to the beach or to the pool. Like, duh!

Also guys…keep Wildfox on your radar. They have a super cute fall collection coming up. Their collections are the perfect mix of Cali comfort and “that cool edgy girl” style. I like it a lot. Plus, everything is SO comfortable.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Tote $98

This tote, while it might be a little scary looking, is just silly enough for the beach. It’s not something I would carry around seriously, but I would definitely throw this on my shoulder to hit up my own little sandy paradise.

Chanel Nail Polish $23

The color is called Blue Satin…and I’m in love with it. With everyone else wearing bright pinks, oranges, yellows, turquoises(?) or whatever, I want to be wearing a dark color. This. Color. Now…if only I could make my nails grow long enough..I really do need to stop biting them. Can anyone help me with that?

Until next time!



Ok…I get it…I suck. I’m officially the WORST blogger in the world..but I’m realllly trying to work on that.

I haven’t seen anything that has inspired me lately, in fact, my spirits have been a little down in regards to the fashion world. So..that’s unfortunate. I’m still in the process of redecorating my room, so when that is finished, I pinky promise that I’ll show you guys!!!!

I bought nail polish when I was touring colleges a couple of weeks ago, and I really like the color. It’s called Techno Girl!!

Sephora by OPI $9

Weeeelllll….I guess that’s all for today..I’m still a little burned out. I was out on the boat all day yesterday, so I’m STILL sun-logged. Ha.

Keep reading and commenting guys!



More Crushes!


These earrings…I cannot get the picture, but they are ADORABLE! I love all the jewelry on this website…it’s so adorable.

I know..everyone is crushing on Lady Gaga right now…BUT I’m crushing hardcore because I’m trying to get my dad tickets to her concert at the Staples Center this August. In fact, as of right now it’s looking like backstage VIP passes. SWEET! He loves her…so why not?

Chanel Nail Polish…

This season everyone is talking about ”blue nails!” Not me. I’m going for anything OTHER than blue. Preferably neon pink. Last summer, I went for bright orange and the summer before that was bright yellow…So we’ll see what this summer brings!

Ok, I’m finally off to write my history paper (maybe). Wish me luck!