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Ok…it’s 2:23 am and I am ABSOLUTELY, FINALLY finished with this stupid history paper.  I have been working since 9 this morning on this stupid thing (with frequent breaks to check out this blog…which I would LOVE more comments on) and now I am finally finished.

Or at least I’m finally giving up. Ha. Ok…I really think I should go to bed

But first…I’ll show you guys some of my favorite bedtime things =]

A phone…bad I know…but I talk to my boyfriend every night before bed =] Yay! This phone is super cute too..I love having it in my dorm room.

I don’t know where to find this black Chanel eyemask, but I WANT ONE! If anyone knows, hit me up! (Seriously…) Or if anyone knows of any other really cute sleep masks…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I’m in search of a good one.

Harney & Sons Midsummer’s Peach Decaf Tea $5.95

YUM! I love having decaf tea before bed…I put it in my Lilly Pulitzer travel mug (as previously shown) annd drink up! nomnomnom.

Ok…I’m seriously sleep deprived haha NIGHT GUYS!



Hello world!

Well hello there!
I’m currently procrastinating…trying to get out of studying for my French exam and finishing my final science project. Oh, and don’t even get me started on my history paper. I’ve decided to start this blog to show everyone what it’s like to be a girl who goes to boarding school, and maybe fully develop my own true style and share this with the world. I hope you guys enjoy!

Now, I know a bunch of people out there are going through finals, or whatever, so I decided to show you guys what really helps me get through my finals.

A Lilly Pulitzer travel mug. This goes with me from my dorm room, to the dining hall, to the English classroom I’m currently studying in, back to the dining hall, to the snack bar, EVERYWHERE. It is literally my lifeline at this school, and at this point, I’m almost convinced that coffee runs through my veins rather than blood.

A Longchamp bag. While this is my regular school bookbag, it is especially important to me during exam week. I’m almost never seen without it…Sometimes I’ll switch it out for a Vineyard Vines bag with my school seal on it, but that is for very rare occasions.

A beach towel: essential for studying outside.

Well, that’s basically all I can think of for right now…I’ll definitely be getting back to you guys later! Good luck with finals!