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Well hello there! It seems that I’ve stumbled back into the blogging world…mostly because there are so many different things that I like, I cannot even contain myself. So, I have to get them out there!

I guess my welcome back post will just be a few things that I am currently OBSESSED with.

Earth Essentials Olive and Avocado Deep Conditioning Masque – $10.45

This hair mask is a miracle! It made my dull, dry winter hair look amazing today. And, a super bonus? It smells SO yummy!!!

Hawiian Tropic Lime Coolada After Sun Moisturizer – $7.49

Okay, so I know it isn’t summer anymore (my school has been getting blasted with a “wintry mix” every day) buut I love the way this lotion smells! It reminds me of summer, and I really need that in the middle of a dreary winter. Plus, it helps me keep moisturized!

Okay, these are the only two things I’m going to talk about today, but I want to hear from you guys again! I miss the blogging world, and I can’t wait to gain your trust back. I love all of ya!





Ok guys…so I know it’s been a while (again…I suck…) BUT I got some realllly cool new stuff and I want to share it with all of YOU! (Well…today..all 1 of of you…haha)

Lanvin Pumps Summer 2009 $950

I’m obsessed with these shoes. Absolutely. Obsessed. I’ve worn them like a bajillion times (even though they’re a size 6 and I wear a 6.5…) SO along with the picture of the shoe, I have a trick for all of you guys. If a shoe is a little bit too small…stick a ziplock bag full of water into the toe of the shoe and put it in the freezer. When the water turns into ice, it will expand and stretch the shoe a tiny tiny bit. It’s really helpful.

I also got a vintage Donna Karan cropped sweatshirty-like top..which I might post a picture of me wearing later, since I can’t find one online…

Lilly Pulitzer Franco Dress in Summer Poplin $202

I can’t wait to wear this dress! I have this dinner to go to when I get back to school…it’s for seniors only, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to wear this.

Until next time!



Hey guys! I’ve been MAD busy lately, with college applications, shopping for school, and trying to find time to relax this summer! Ah! So, once again, I’m sorry that it has taken so long for me to update this blog…ugh. I did buy some new things for school (as I mentioned earlier) so I’ll get to share that with you guys!!! YAY!

Burberry Small Packable Tote Bag $250

I got this bag to use as a bookbag…it’s unbelievably perfect! I can finally give my Longchamp bag a rest! Not that I don’t love that bag too…it has just been around for a year and a half now. It is certainly time for a new one.

Sam Edelman Torino Bootie $224.95

This shoe is to die for. I am absolutely obsessed! I can’t wait to wear them around New York in the winter with black tights and a cashmere Juicy Couture dress! Bah!!!! I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. However, there is something you boarding school darlings should know, most of the time, heels (even wedges) are a BIG no no for daily boarding school life. This is why these shoes will ONLY be worn off campus.

Stuart Weitzman “Rodney” Boot $360

This boot is guaranteed to keep my feet warm in the winter, and it is boarding school friendly! I am so excited about it, that I almost want it to snow right now! Almost…haha. Anyyywayyy…these rain resistent suede boots are super comfy and super warm. I recommend picking up a pair for SURE!

Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot $125

I got these in brown. They’re super cute, and everyone loves a classic Hunter boot. EVERYONE at boarding school has either Hunter boots or J.Crew boots with little animals or whatever all over them! My old ones were just a short, black Marc Jacobs boot, so I was in need of an update! Of course, now I’m obsessed with these. I wore them today! YAY!

At this point, I’m so ready for fall…I even bought some clothes!

Vince Scrunched Corduroy Leggings $195

I got these in brown…They’re so comfy and cute! I loved them so much that I just had to get them. Vince is one of my absolute favorite brands because their clothes are chic and comfortable. It’s excellent.

Vince Turtleneck $95

Even though the model looks like she is in a ton of pain, this turtleneck is unbelievably comfortable! I am truly in love with it. I’m not a turtleneck girl, and this is so comfy that I think I’m going to have to become one.

Academy Blazer by Madewell $168

This blazer is SO cute. I love, love, love it. I can’t wait to just roll the sleeves up and look casual and cute, all at the same time. GAH I can’t waiiit for fall for one more second! It’s driving me crazyy!

So I know that this has been a super long post, so hopefully it makes up for everything that I haven’t posted…Keep reading guys and COMMENT! I loove your feedback!


Things I’m Coveting…For Florida!

Ok..so…every year I go to Florida with my mom. We meet a bunch of her friends and their kids there, and it’s basically a loooot of fun. We basically take over this resort and just chill for a few days…it’s always amazing. However, this year I want to be the most amazing looking one there. (Ha) So, I’m going to show you guys a few things I want before I make the trip down!

Valley Girl Shirt $64

This shirt from Wildfox Couture is not only cute, but funny! I personally LOVE wearing comfy, loose shirts like this in the summer (especially if they’re cropped!) I think this would be adorable for throwing over a swimsuit and walking over to the beach or to the pool. Like, duh!

Also guys…keep Wildfox on your radar. They have a super cute fall collection coming up. Their collections are the perfect mix of Cali comfort and “that cool edgy girl” style. I like it a lot. Plus, everything is SO comfortable.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Tote $98

This tote, while it might be a little scary looking, is just silly enough for the beach. It’s not something I would carry around seriously, but I would definitely throw this on my shoulder to hit up my own little sandy paradise.

Chanel Nail Polish $23

The color is called Blue Satin…and I’m in love with it. With everyone else wearing bright pinks, oranges, yellows, turquoises(?) or whatever, I want to be wearing a dark color. This. Color. Now…if only I could make my nails grow long enough..I really do need to stop biting them. Can anyone help me with that?

Until next time!


A Short Shorts Post!

Hey guys! So I’m working on my science project right now (I know..straight from history to science) but I really wanted to post something up here..so I decided to do a short post about shorts! Here’s what I’m looking for, for this summer season.

Elizabeth & James $225

SUPER cute! Love these shorts…

Marc Jacobs $995

These can be dressed up in the most adorable of ways. I’m droooooling over them

Tory Burch $135

Love the pattern…and it looks like they’re a great length!

Ok…I’m going to get back to my science project..but ENJOY THE SHORTS!

(and dont forget to comment!)



I am officially almost finished with my history paper.  I am also an expert on Mary Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and (oddly enough) Jane Pierce! If anyone has any questions at all…hit me up.

The hardest part of my exam period is now OVER!!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you guys how excited I am. SUMMERSUMMERSUMMERSUMMERSUMMER!

fjkdlasjfak;sf YAYAYAYYYY! haha I’m so happy!

Ok..juuust because I’m in such a good mood…I’ll share my most recent favorite song! YAY

Uncle Kracker – Hot Mess

I chose this video because 1. The girl dancing is HILARIOUS and 2. I love the song…and this was the best version on youtube. LOVE IT.

Aidan Mattox $330

I also think this dress is so so so fun! I want somewhere to wear it…HMM! haha

Ok…so what are you guys up to this Memorial Day night?


This history paper is going to be the death of me…How am I supposed to write anything, when I’m too excited about my new blog?! hmm?!

I’m checking out the blogging/fashion scene right now to see if there’s anything I want to share with you guys…but other than that nothing exciting is going on. It’s day two of exam clothes…Today I’m wearing navy blue J.Crew shorts and a t-shirt from Maine.

Oh, I really want this Hermes bracelet $445. I can’t get the picture for you guys, but I think it’s BEAUTIFUL! I collect these bracelets…love them so much. I think gray is going to be a really big color for me this summer, I think it’s understated and girly and I can’t waiit to wear it.

I will tell you guys a little secret about me today….I want an iPad. Really badly. Not just like, the stupid iPad, but the 3G iPad. AHH! It’s perfect for me: you can take it with you on vacation and read books, you can email with it, you can download and read scripts on it, AND you can play games and watch movies in full screen. Unreal.

J.Crew Bathing Suit Top $60 Bottoms $54

I think this bathing suit is super super cute.

Ok…enough procrastinating (for now)

I’m going to do my history paper!!!!!